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The Vape Terminator

VPLUS has the professional medical background support of feellife nebulization to revolutionize the vape industry. Medical nebulization inhalation has higher intake efficiency compared to traditional vape, 1/10 of nicotine intake can be equal to 100% of vape intake.With the vision of The Vape Terminator,we are the terminator and the revolutionary.

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  • Pure plant extract
  • No chemical additives
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Core Technology-ReNico®

Nature and Health! Renico Empowers Nebulization Technology Driver

  • VPLUS is supported by synthetic ReNico® technology. The core technology has been certified by US laboratory C14 isotope test.
  • With Renico synthetic nicotine technology, professional test reports
  • VPLUS nicotine vaporizer after professional medical proof, the product is beneficial to the population applicable to multiple scenarios
  • We use CO2 extraction technology to extract ingredients from natural plants to ensure the natural and healthy nature of our products.

Beyond the Vape

In the midst of the vape boom, it has become environmentally unfriendly as well as chemically-added harmful products have increased. This video will take you on an in-depth look at how VPLUS works, its unique features and compelling health benefits. We'll reveal how this innovative technology offers smokers a safer, more convenient, and more personalized option through its smokeless, plant-derived properties.

The Benefits

V plus Vs Vape

  • Smokeless and Odourless

    Smokeless and odorless, which is one of its major advantages. Compared with traditional vape, it does not produce smoke and smoke odor, which will not cause harm to you and others, and reduce the harm of second-hand smoke.

  • Social Alternative Options

    The vplus products are developed by a professional R&D team and are compact and portable, and can be used as an alternative to social restrictions because of their ease of use, smokelessness and odorlessness, allowing everyone to live in a healthy environment.

  • Healthy Alternatives

    VPLUS products use advanced nebulization technology to obtain the taste of smoking with only 1/10th of the nicotine intake compared to traditional vape, gradually reducing the body's dependence on nicotine.

Creating a Would without Secondhand Smoke

  • VPLUS brings you healthy life

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