Today we were troubleshooting NSX,to be more precise, NSX Standalone Edge…

But what is standalone Edge?

It’s a non-NSX managed Edge for branch offices\cloud deployments. You can use it to deploy on a Standalone ESXi from an OVF file and establish L2 VPN to Your on-prem NSX L2VPN server… just like this:

This way You can basically stretch Your internal NW to the branch\cloud.

(More info:

2 Standalone Edge can be connected to form EdgeHA, but in our env the HA funcionality – which works perfectly on the NSX Managed Edges – fails on the standalone ones…

This resulted in a simple maintenance on our cloud-managed ESXi host (which required us to shut down the active Standalone Edge instance) resulted in a full management NW loss for our cloud deployment … #notdesirable 😀

What remains in such situation: Host Client and VM console on the host…

After logging into the appliance which remained online, we’ve realized that althrough the HA itself activated successfully, the L2VPN service was stopped and could not be started because of reasons unknown…

Bundle collected for VMware SR, and in paralell the other appliance was powered on to restore L2VPN…

If only if it were so easy: The appliance has checked the status of it’s peer, saw that it’s the active one and considered itself admin down…

No matter what we did with the other one (shutdown, power off, etc) the original edge remained in admin down state

After a bit of digging, we’ve found the solution:

  • First, login to the console of the Edge You want to set as active(up)
  • Ensure that the other Edge is powered off
  • On the console of the active edge, run the following:

enable (to enable admin mode)

configure terminal (to enter config mode)

ha admin-state UP (to force the Edge in UP state (pay attention to type UP with all uppercase)

commit (to save changes)

In the moment we’ve commited the change, the L2VPN service started and the management nw came back

Now we could power on the other Edge and continue investigation on why the EdgeHA is misbehaving …

I hope it help someone:)

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