Beyond the Vape

With medical lung deposition level atomization, VPLUS users can complete nicotine intake without exhaling smoke.

About V PLUS

Our journey began with the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, all in an effortto help people quitsmoking. With the growth of e-cigarettes came concerns aboutharmful chemicals and environmental damage. 

Now, V PLUS is going back to its roots and focusing on lung health through medical atomization technology. From combustion in traditional cigarettes to heated atomization in e- cigarettes to heating withoutcombustion in IQOS, and from IQOS to V PLUS, we revolutionize the healthier nicotine ingestion experience with No Heat No Burn (NHNB ™), we create a world free of secondhand smoke, Vaping's destiny is fulfilled, and we offer Dosing - a third way of administering medicine to mankind, so that V PLUS, BEYOND THE VAPE was created for this purpose.

V PLUS  v.s.  VAPE

  • Different Atomization Mechanism
  • Healthier Formula

Beyond the Vape
  • Mouth Spray Type Nebulizer
  • Exclusive Patented AiMesh®tech


  • R&D Excellence

    Leveraging powerful research and development capabilities, we have partnered with Feellfe Health Inc., a leading medical nebulization company. Recognized with the 2023 World's Best Nebulizer Vaccine Specialist Award, our collaboration aims to pioneer medical nebulization.

  • Authorized Testing Laboratory

    Our joint efforts are centered around Aimesh technology, a cutting-edge innovation in the field. This technology serves as the foundation for creating advanced nicotine medical nebulization solutions, promising breakthroughs in the delivery of therapeutic benefits.

  • Ensure Medical Grade Production

    Securing our commitment to innovation, we have obtained an exclusive license for the operation of nicotine medical nebulization based on Aimesh technology. This positions us at the forefront of the industry, driving advancements in medical nebulization for enhanced patient care.

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