Nicotine Evaporator

AirIns S5

  • Product size 40*96*23.8 mm
  • Weight approximately 33g
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  • Nicotine Evaporator

AirIns S5 product by feellife medical team to develop a new nicotine delivery system – nebulized inhalation, compared to traditional vapes can improve the efficiency of ingestion, 1/10 of nicotine intake is equivalent to 100% of the intake of vapes, while the product has Feellife’s AiMesh® Nebulizer Module, not through heating to warm up, reduce the complexity of the group, to ensure efficient delivery at the same time, enhance safety.

We Can Achieve

Efficient Delivery

The use of medical-grade nebulization device, the liquid in the cartridge atomized into 2.5μm-5μm aerosol, can be more quickly and efficiently in the human lungs to settle, quickly work, to achieve good results.

Scientific Formulas

Eliminate redundant additional ingredients with potential pathogenic factors, retaining only high-purity synthetic nicotine, water for injection and food-grade flavors, scientifically formulated to enhance safety.

Ambient Delivery

Nebulized at ambient temperature to avoid potential changes in the composition of the formula caused by high temperatures and to reduce the risks associated with uncertainties.

Indicator Light Description:

White light always on: working

White light flashing 5 times: low battery automatic shutdown

White light breathing flashing: charging

White light always on during charging: fully charged